Dry Skin Brushing

It is one of the oldest methods for taking care of your skin and is also one of the most simple and natural in existence. Statistics show that one-third of daily impurities in our bodies are eliminated through the skin. Isn’t that a good reason to take care of it?

The skin is actually our bodies’ largest organ and performs the dual function of barrier and toxin removal system. With age, like all our other organs, skin gradually loses efficiency. Maintaining your skin’s health is essential for proper functioning of these mechanisms.


What are the benefits of Skin Brushing?

Do not expect miracles. It is not our style to sell a universal remedy for cellulite or a pill for youth. But we do have some good advice to help your skin look better and that will benefit the whole body. The best part is we can give it to you. Ready? Start!

  1. The health of the body depends partly on the skin. Dry brushing it will help remove dead cells and toxins, favoring oxygenation, absorption of nutrients, and cell renewal.
  2. Skin Brushing removes excess cells that may clog the system that eliminates dead skin. If dead cells and toxins accumulate, they can break the balance of trade between the skin and the environment, possibly generating stress on other organs.
  3. Removal of dead cells stimulates the regeneration of the skin, which will start to have a decidedly brighter hue.
  4. It stimulates gland activity, providing more hydration to the skin that will also make it more elastic.
  5. It acts from the outside but also has major implications within our body: improving and supporting blood circulation, thus helping maintain healthy muscle tone.
  6. It stimulates the lymphatic system by stimulating the flow of fluids in the body. The lymphatic system helps our muscles to work properly but does not have a pump like the heart. It can benefit from help in moving the liquid it uses to support the immune system.
  7. The richest areas of lymph nodes are found under the armpit and around the groin. It is worth paying particular attention to these areas.
  8. According to Chinese medicine, skin and intestines are connected, so it can even aid in digestion.
  9. The Americans say, "dry-brushing is a stress buster." Brushing the skin helps ones general feeling of wellbeing and this definitely reduces stress.

We can say that Skin Brushing is a kind of detoxifying action that makes us more BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. That's why we love it!

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Some practical advice

First equip yourself with one of our coconut fiber brushes, sit back on the couch and get ready to fit this practice into your daily routine. We are sure there will soon come a time when you cannot live without it! ;-)

  1. Use accessories with natural bristles, coconut fibers or Tampico fibers are perfect!
  2. The best time to practice is in the morning, before entering the shower, so that dead cells are washed away with the water.
  3. The first and most important rule is to brush the skin in the direction of the heart, or from the hands towards the shoulders and feet to the groin.
  4. Brush with medium or long movements, vigorously but not too strong. The movement must generate an invigorating pleasure, It should NOT be painful.
  5. Brush each area 3-5 times, using a bit more pressure on the roughest areas like the heels or elbows. Focus more on axillary and inguinal areas (the most lymph node rich regions of the body).
  6. It is a good practice to start with the feet and avoid wounds or cuts.
  7. Drink a glass of water after brushing.

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