milan bike

Cycling in the City of MILAN
PRICE: (not available actually)
FREE: orders of €50 or more

Delivery by bicycle courier in the City of Milan

WEIGHT LIMITS / 4 kg max 

DELIVERY TIMES / within 2 working days (Saturday and Sunday escluded)

ritiro agronauti

Standard ITALY
PRICE: € 6.00
FREE: orders of €50 or more

Standard delivery for ITALY

DELIVERY TIMES / guaranteed within 3/4 working days (5 days for the islands, Calabria or disadvantaged areas - see list HERE), with on-line order tracking. Delivery until 7 PM (2 attempts) and direct contact via  SMS (if a mobile phone number has been provided)

espressa export

Express delivery EUROPE
PRICE: € 9.50 
FREE: orders of €100 or more

Express delivery EUROPE**

DELIVERY TIMES / within 3 or 4 working days following the order (+2 or 3 days for remote areas - see list HERE) with on-line order tracking and notification via e-mail that the courier has picked up the parcel. 2 attempts 

**Available for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK/Great Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Hungary
promo world

Rest of the WORLD and non-private clients
PRICE: on request

For areas not covered by the "Express delivery EUROPE" service and non-private clients (companies, etc.) there is a contact e-mail ( where you can send the list of products you wish to purchase and the details/address of the purchaser in order to receive a description and price estimate for the delivery service 

(All the mentioned amounts include TAX)
Please note: rates are subject to promotions that you can find HERE

*Cash on delivery payments accepted up to a maximum of € 999.99, no cheques or other securities.
The courier will really appreciate if you could prepare the exact ammount due (and we will appreciate it too! :)

Download our on-line Shop Terms of Sale in .pdf file HERE