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Open source Cosmetics

In IT, open source means software whose authors (more precisely, the copyright holders) allow and encourage its free use, its study and modifications made by other independent programmers (

We believe that open source is indeed a source of great intellectual wealth and represents a philosophy that should be pursued in practice. We believe in the power of sharing, in transparency and free access to information. We like to think of ourselves as being a little like cosmetics '"hackers".
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So, what have we done?

We've made open source that which companies in our industry usually consider assets that need to be protected, which are the result of the research and work performed by our team: our formulations.

We made them free from any patent restrictions, free to be improved by anyone who decides to contribute to this project.

Our formulas are a common creative heritage, under the Creative Commons 4.0 licence.
Download them and... make good use of them, they took a lot of effort!

ARIEL - Anti-smog face cream with UV protection factor / VER 1.0 (document in English)
ALENA - Nourishing night cream / VER 1.0 (document in English)
GEA - CC Cream / VER 1.0 (document in English)
SEDNA - Moisturising body cream / VER 1.0 (document in English)
TALIA - Eco-mousse facial cleanser / VER 1.0 (document in English)
JASON - Eco-mousse body cleanser / VER 1.0 (document in English)
SYD - Shampoo / VER 1.0 (document in English)
FLORENCE - Nourishing Conditioner for stressed hair / VER 1.0 (document in English)
DEØ - Fragrance Free Deodorant cream / VER 1.0 (document in English)

You can also contribute to their improvement, if you want to!