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Doing business... in our opinion

We are aware that the ultimate goal of any company is to do business, only that we have chosen to do so in our own way. We believe that an ethical and social approach can be adopted in the pursuit of this goal and that the synergy between commitment and financial gain, between Ethics and Business, can be of benefit to everyone.

Supporting sustainability

We support a cruelty free approach, a "veg" lifestyle, ecology and sustainable practices, without fanaticism or crusades against those who do not. We believe in sharing values and skills, in the power of an expanding community. We believe in collective intelligence as a driver that is capable of changing the status quo for the better.

We have chosen to support associations, initiatives, projects and people we believe are in line with our philosophy and also send them part of our income. Right now, without waiting to become rich before doing so!

For now, we have invested the money saved by choosing to be Customer Certified (Customer Certified Cosmetics).

Through our (and your) contributions, we have supported

When: February 2015
How much: € 400 (download the donation receipt)
Why: Sea Shepherd is a non-profit organisation that operates internationally in order to stop the destruction of natural habitat and species at risk of extinction in the world’s oceans. They actively protest, attempting to stop those who illegally use invasive and banned fishing methods in ocean waters.

We like them because they are a bit like ocean hackers and fear nothing. Down with the scoundrels and up the Pirates!

When: February 2015
How much: € 400 (download the donation receipt)
Why: Opensourceecology Opensourceecology is a non-profit organisation based in Missouri (USA), whose project is to create an open source library and a new economic model based on this philosophy. Starting from a few basic elements that represent modules, they are developing a number of machines (agricultural, manufacturing, tools, etc.) and the instructions with which to build them. The beauty of this idea is that it will all be free material! It's worth taking a look at the video in which the founder, Marcin Jakubowski, explains the project:

We like them because they are open, just like us! Long live sharing!


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