Limonene is a chemical substance of natural origin that takes its name from the characteristic odour that is reminiscent of lemons. It is chemically defined as a hydrocarbon, classified as a cyclical monoterpene. There are large quantities of Limonene in the peel of lemons and other citrus fruits, so it can be found in related essential oils. It is extracted by distillation and used in cosmetic products as part of scented essences or in insect-repellent products. It appears as a colourless liquid with a citrus odour. It has a marked sensitising ability, which means that it can cause sensitisation and redness of the skin. Therefore, it is included in the list of allergens in perfumes and for that reason, when its proportion exceeds 0.001% in products that linger on the skin and 0.01% in products used to rinse, by law it must be printed on labels.
Given its position on the INCI list, usually in the last places, it is clear that the content of this substance is not quantitatively significant, therefore allergic reactions are very rare.




V - Vegetal obtained through mechanical processes

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