Comprehending the Saga of How Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Happen

Cortex reviews for tinnitus have been attracting readers who want to know if the ear-health supplement is effective or not; or if the money-back guarantee is legit. In fairness to the Cortexi manufacturer, the company does not make claims of being a tinnitus medication but merely acts as a supplement. The formulation of natural ingredients aim to support ear health before the aging process sets in and cause inner ear damage known as tinnitus.

Not a few took advantage of the reimbursement offer even after taking Cortexi for 60 days, for which they returned an empty bottle as proof of purchase. Actually, they received 100% reimbursement within 48 hours after they submitted their claim.

Generally, tinnitus that led to permanent hearing loss was the result of a damaged cochlea located in the inner ear. Damage is typically linked to aging starting at 75 years old; or may have been damaged by chemotherapy treatment in relation to a cancer affliction.

Audiologists Develop Supplement to Improve Ear Health Prior to Old Age

Since the most common cause of tinnitus is the weakening of auditory parts as the result of old age, expert audiologist Dr. Jonathan Miller, led a team of ear-health specialists in developing a science-backed supplement made from natural ingredients.

Science-backed because the Cortex creators based their formula on studies of how people gradually lose their hearing ability through a natural process known as presbycusis. The need to develop a health supplement was driven by statistical findings that in the US alone, more than half of people aged 75 and older are suffering from some kind of age-related hearing impairment.

What Exactly Causes Hearing Loss?

While stating that a damaged cochlea causes hearing loss, not everyone can comprehend what a cochlea is and why it gets damaged.

As mentioned earlier, cochlea is located in the inner ear. It’s a snail-shaped component of the inner ear containing some amount of fluid. When sound waves pass through the outer ear and middle ear going to the inner ear where the cochlea is located, the cochlea fluid reacts to the sound waves by vibrating.

The vibrations are the auditory system’s method of conveying messages to the brain. Hearing loss as a result of aging normally happens when the inner ear becomes too weak to provide the cochlea with liquid that will vibrate as reactions to the sound waves.

Hearing loss therefore happens due to the wear and tear that the cochlea went through over the years, especially if a person has been constantly exposed to loud sounds and in many cases, unhealthy lifestyle. Loud sounds are represented by strong sound waves that generally produce strong vibrations that damage the cochlea.

When Does Tinnitus Happen as a Hearing Disorder?

Tinnitus happens when the inner ear develops certain conditions that prevent the cochlea fluid from vibrating. In cases of persons receiving chemotherapy as cancer treatment, some part of the cochlea get damaged. Yet the brain will still seek information from whatever sound vibrations are transmitted by the inner ear parts that are still functioning.

When experiencing tinnitus, the brain will perceive only ringing sounds. Other tinnitus sufferers also mention that their tinnitus experience brings on various sounds, such as buzzing, whistling, hissing or chirping just to name a few.

It’s therefore unreasonable to expect Cortex ear-health supplements to work miracles on hearing disorders. After all, it took years or even a lifetime for their hearing problem to develop.