Functional Fragrance: The Way Modern Consumers Like Their Perfume

Studies have proven there’s a link between scent, emotion and memory, which personal care manufacturers exploit to elicit positive responses from shoppers. Scientists say that scents or aromas convey signals to that part of the brain that controls emotion and memory, which when drawing positive responses also lowers stress levels, whilst improving general mental outlook. The results of such studies have led to the development of functional fragrances that not only make users smell good but also feel good.

About Researches that Paved the Way to the Development of Functional Fragrances

Health and wellness experts explain that over the past 20 to 30 years, scientists have been using technologies like the electroenecephalogram (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) in mapping and measuring mental and physiological responses, including heart rate and skin conductance (electrodermal responses).

  • Participants in clinical studies were made to smell an odor that is personally nostalgic for them and an odor that is common to all.

The results showed that the nostalgic scent resulted in a mood-changing experience, to which participants showed increased levels of happiness and feelings of comfort and a corollary decrease in anxiety and other negative sentiments.Participants did not show any change in mood as reaction to the scent that was common to all since the experience did not evoke memories or feelings of nostalgia.

Functional Fragrances and Why Consumers are Liking Them

In today’s market place, functional fragrances bode well, as consumers have become more mindful of what they use and consume in every aspect of their lives. They now desire products that offer natural solutions to their search for their physical health,  personal comfort, happiness and in the treatment of their illnesses.

Functional fragrances are backed by researches that show considerable and measurable effects in increasing levels of happiness, relaxation, sensuality and stimulation, which help in bringing down levels of stress, depression and irritation Some examples of functional fragrances include scents of apples, cinnamon, citrus fruits, fresh-cut grass, jasmine, lavender, peppermint, pine, vanilla, fennel, clary sage and caraway.

According to researchers from the Stevens Institute Of Technology, they have proven that the scent of coffee alone can improve performance levels and enuancce ability to concentrate. The Ohio State University affirmed that the scent of lemon can increase the levels of the brain chemical known as norepinephrine, which was found to have links to brain activities involving decision-making processes and sense of motivation.

In Japan, a company is actually into diffusing lemon scent throughout its office spaces because doing so had increased employee productivity by 54%.

Functional fragrances are usually formulated as scents that have positive impact on both men and women, and therefore marketed as unisex perfumes. The Italian brand Xerjoff have different lines of fragrances that have positive impact on well being.

The Escentric Molecules for one is a unisex perfume as it offers a calming tone through its long-lasting sandalwood,cedarwood and ambergris scent, which the International Fragrance Association (IFA) recognizes by the name ISO E Super. This fragrance chemical is acknowledged as safe, when used in accordance with the IFA’s published standard levels. While the ISO E Super fragrance chemical could cause allergic reactions, it is preventable by requiring users to patch test first before using.

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