The Healthy Number for Coffee Lovers

A study finds that two to three cups of coffee per day is the magic number’ for a healthy heart.

New research suggests that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day will help you live longer and reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease and heart rhythm disorders as compared to green tea benefits.

People suffering from CVD or not took advantage of those benefits.

Recommended Cups per Day

Drinking two to three cups of coffee each day provided the greatest benefit to healthy persons. It was linked to a 10% to 15% lower chance of having CVD, heart failure, irregular heart rhythms, or dying prematurely.

However, drinking less coffee had health benefits as well: persons who consumed one cup of coffee in a day had the lowest risk of experiencing a stroke or any heart-related disorders.

When compared to abstaining, drinking two to three cups of coffee per day was related to a lower risk of death in persons who already suffered from heart problems.

In addition, no amount of coffee was linked to an increased risk of cardiac rhythm disorders.

Which to Choose – Caffeinated or Decaf

Researchers discovered that all coffee kinds, whether ground or instant, decaf or caffeinated, had lower death rates.

Two to three cups each day seems to be the ideal number once again.

Decaf, on the other hand, had no protective benefits against arrhythmia but have a great effect on lowering cardiovascular disease, except heart failure.