Nopal : A Popular Mexican Ingredient Widely Used as a Weight Loss Component

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, a species of cactus called nopal is typically added to native dishes or made into a juice drink or jam. Yet in the organic sector of food industries, nopal or nopales, the young leaves of the prickly pear-shaped cactus are well-known for its many health benefits because it’s an anti-oxidant and have anti-flammatory and and anti-viral properties.

Nopal leaves are crisp and can be eaten raw or included as ingredients in soups, salads, tacos or tortillas. Aside from the young pads of the prickly pear-shaped cactus, the other edible parts are the fruit, the flowers and the stems. Since Mexican dishes have become popular fares for home cooking, nopales leaves are available fresh, bottled or canned in groceries, especially in regions with large Hispanic populations.

Known Health Benefits of Nopal

Preliminary researches delving into the health benefits of nopal show that the leaves are high in dietary fiber, rich in Vitamins A and C and in minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese.

Manufacturers of dietary supplements promote the inclusion of this cactus as ingredient its proven efficiency in controlling blood sugar and high cholesterol levels in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Studies also show that in light of its anti-inflammatory property, the extract of the pear shaped leaves taken as a beverage, can help reduce the unpleasant effects of hangovers.

Many are inclined to brand nopal as a superfood because of many its health benefits, which include promoting calorie burning functions of the digestive system.

However, while some of the effects of nopal can lead to weight loss such as increased feelings of abdominal fullness, increased stool volume, they can be side effects for other people. Negative reactions for consuming introducing too much nopal in one’s diet include diarrhea, nausea and irritability. Those who plan to try weight loss supplements that contain nopal as active ingredient should first consult a doctor who will first asses their health and medical condition.

Besides, different weight loss pills have different ingredients as their respective formulation are designed to focus on certain aspects of the digestive processes. PhenQ, one of the leading weight loss supplements addresses a weight loss problem via a 5-way approach.

About the PhenQ 5-Way Approach to Weight Loss

Using Geek Health’s review of PhenQ as reference, the formulation of six clinically approved organic substances work together to enhance the metabolic process in order to prevent fat storage through the following methods:

1  Deactivates enzymes that trigger fat production and storage in fact cells.

2. The PhenQ formulation encourages the conversion of starch into body energy.

3. Boost a PhenQ user’s mood by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin hormones, to help keep a person maintain an active instead of a lethargic disposition.

4. Boost energy level for endurance and better performance through a vibrant calorie-burning process.

5. Suppress appetite to help manage cravings for food while the body goes into the process of burning calories. Here, the Nopal ingredient makes the digestive system feel full, to which the blocking of additional food intakes will also prevent the production and storage of excess fat