Noticeable Signs that a Person is Struggling from Mental Health

If everything is in order, it is a fact of life and the difficult times can make us celebrate the good times. When we succeed in overcoming some of life’s obstacles, it can actually make us feel good and inspire us to work more.

Having accomplished whatever we were expecting or worried about is frequently the best feeling. There may be a few warning indicators we may look out for in others that could mean they’re having mental health issues. Of course, some of these could potentially be precursors to other health problems.

List of Signs of a Mentally Struggling Individual

1. Mood changes from minimum to maximum or from high to low are potential red flags.

2. When a person has become more reclusive and is not engaging as usual. Possibly wishing to spend all of the time in bed.

3. Expressions of being preoccupied, perplexed, or agitated.

4. Behaving differently from how they usually do for no discernible reason, such as becoming more argumentative, etc. Or perhaps they suddenly stop giving a damn about how they look when they typically would.

5. Significant adjustments to their eating patterns – we actually consume our emotions!

However, sometimes it is worth attempting to gently start a dialogue out whether you can do something to help if you are worried about someone else and are unsure of what to do.