The Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes According to Studies

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The health risks posed by the consumption of e-cigarettes compared to conventional tobacco products are currently being discussed intensively and sometimes passionately in many places in society, mostly within the framework of health policy measures for addiction and risk prevention. Three recent scientific studies once again demonstrate the significantly improved health effects of using e-cigarettes, over a longer period of time and stopping the simultaneous use of tobacco products. The medical arguments confirmed in these studies for switching to e-cigarettes are a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and a significant reduction in the risk of cancer.

E-cigarette reduces the risk of heart attacks by 39 percent within 5 years

The current findings in the context of cardiovascular disease come from the University of Dundee and are based on an extensive clinical study on the cardiovascular effect of e-cigarettes compared to conventional tobacco products (see source 1). This first study of a total of 114 patients found that former smokers who switched to vaping showed a measurable improvement in their blood vessel function of 1.5 percent within a period of just 4 weeks. The correspondingly improved heart health was objectively evaluated using a standardized FMD (Fibromuscular Dysplasia) test. This modern procedure makes it possible to determine in a precise way how far a single blood vessel can open.

Further studies are currently underway to validate the measured, positive effects of switching to the e-cigarette over a longer period of time. From this, the scientists expect numerous other important insights into the medium and long-term effects of such a switch to e-cigarettes on cardiovascular health, including the risk of heart attacks. The results of this study are supported by another study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center (see source 2). This research also showed that cigarette smokers with a smoking history of at least 20 packs per year can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 39 percent in just five years if they switch to e-cigarettes or quit smoking altogether.


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Significantly fewer carcinogenic substances in the body of e-cigarette users

In a follow-up letter to The Lancet, the researchers estimate that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking conventional tobacco products. In other words, smoking tobacco cigarettes is about twenty times more harmful than vaporizing e-cigarettes.

Another scientific study (see source 3), conducted jointly by Roswell Park Cancer Institute and University College London and published in the renowned journal Annals of Internal Medicine, examined the relative cancer risk associated with the respective use of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. This study was even more extensive with a sample of 181 smokers. With the help of saliva, breath, and urine samples, it was shown that the content of carcinogens, i.e. carcinogenic substances in the bodies of former smokers who had switched to e-cigarettes, was significantly lower compared to those who continued to consume tobacco products.

Avoiding tobacco products is a prerequisite for being able to use the health benefits of the e-cigarette

Furthermore, the study shows that in so-called “combination smokers”, i.e. in people who used both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, no significant reduction in carcinogenic substances and thus no health benefits compared to the pure consumption of tobacco products are found. This makes it clear that the switch to the e-cigarette only has advantages in terms of cancer risk if at the same time the consumption of conventional cigarettes is completely dispensed with. These new findings can thus help to develop evidence-based health policy strategies and thus better protect the health of individuals and society in the future.