Women’s Health: Hip Dips Don’t Really Go Away

For centuries, the female body has been changing and evolving in order to meet new standards of beauty. However, with every change comes a new set of rules that society imposes on women. Whether it’s natural or not, people have criticized different body parts for looking “too much” or not enough.

People are posting selfies with their “hips out” or “hips dipped” on social media and the internet is reacting in a negative way. The trend has been around for a while, but it seems like just recently that people have been feeling bad about hip dips. Hip dips are the inward curves below the hips and just above the thighs.

What causes hip dips?

All of us would have a hip dip due to the shape of our pelvis. Hip dips are caused by the shape of the pelvis. Though some people may not have noticeable indentations or hip dips from their hip bone to the top of their femur, almost all people would have this area of their body. Hip dips are normal however they may not look pleasant to many women who prefer to have an ideal figure as it is defined in this generation.

Can Hip Dips Be Caused By Underwear? As mentioned, hip dips are a natural thing. Your underwear is not a factor that causes hip dips but it can be a factor that can help hide or minimize the appearance of hip dips.

Hip Dips are a Natural Thing

According to new research from Professor Harry Wiener, hip dips are NOT an applicable way to measure the health of your body. “It’s all about body image and self-esteem.”

Hip dips are a part of your body. Body fats in unwanted areas such as the thighs and hips can make them more noticeable. Body fat is not the only thing that can cause this kind of dip in your body, but rather muscle mass. However, always remember that hip dips are a normal part of being human and not just in one’s personal life.

The structure of bones is determined by the type and thickness of the tissue that surrounds them. While hard work and a good diet will help you to develop a lean, toned physique, bone structures are rigid and can never be changed for the better.

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Is it possible for hip dips to go away?

The simple answer is NO. But you can minimize its appearance with the right exercise to lose body fat and build muscle mass.

The best workouts are those that work many muscle groups in one go, but sometimes we need to be able to do more exercises with less time. This is where the idea of ‘substituting’ comes into play. Substituting moves allows you to focus on working different muscle groups for the same movement pattern, like squats for lunges or fire hydrants for clams.

It’s important to remember that there is more to life than just your body. You should also focus on strengthening your entire lower body. The glutes are a powerhouse of strength, but they can’t accomplish anything without the rest of the lower body working together.