Top 2022 and 2023 Healthcare Trends

Our hand-picked list of the top 2022 healthcare trends. The themes included in this research on today’s new healthcare themes been selected because of their rapid growth on sites such as TikTok, Google, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon and YouTube. Learn more about how we monitor global trends.


Donations of Organs Will Decline as Self-Driving Cars Reduce Accidents

Early in the epidemic, organ transplants dropped almost as much as never before and that people didn’t need organs, but also because fatal traffic collisions—a largest provider of organs—were also down.

It turns out that car accidents and fatal injuries account for the majority of organ transplant supply – approximately one-third of all donations. And as self-driving vehicles grow more common and roads become safer, the same dynamic that occurred at the onset of the epidemic will reoccur. This time, though, it has the potential to severely disrupt the supply network for organ donations.


Sleep Research at Home

Members frequently share recommendations just on right strategy to receive a definitive diagnosis that maximizes for health insurance in groups such Reddit’s 22K-member strong sleep apnea subreddit, that is rising at a 40percent annual rate.

Health firms are inverting the traditional medical paradigm by basically delivering prescriptions as a service, which is an increasing trend. Instead of doctors making diagnosis and then recommending treatments, customers are increasingly conducting their own research and relying on doctors primarily as gatekeepers. The tendency has been dubbed “restaurant-menu medication” by some.