The Ways Tea Benefits Us

A glass of tea with green leaves


That tea and herbs have a beneficial effect are known. But what are tea and the different herbs good for, aside from weight loss which is the main benefit of Tea Burn (check out Tea Burn consumer reviews here to learn more), and what should you pay attention to? We try to show you around on this page. Both in the types of teas and their action.

To begin with, we need to distinguish between tea and infusions.

When you talk about tea, your ‘mix’ by definition contains leaves of the ‘Camella Sinensis’ or the tea plant. If this is not the case if we speak of infusions. The French call them tisanes, which sounds a lot more poetic and appetizing. However, most people also use the term ‘tea’ when it comes to infusions.

Broadly speaking, you can talk about several groups. So you have the real tea, herbal infusions, fruit infusions, and Rooibos. The latter is generally also regarded as an herbal infusion, but we have included it separately here given its specific nature.

All tea originates from the ‘Camellia Sinensis plant (or the tea plant in the vernacular). The type of tea you ultimately use depends on when the tea leaves are harvested and the further production process. In total there are 6 main species. Within each species, there are differences and mixtures e.g. fruits or herbs to obtain a specific taste.

The 6 types of tea are:

  • White tea
  • Yellow tea
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Oolong
  • Pu Erh.

Given the specific nature of Matcha tea, this green tea is also treated separately.


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The beneficial effect of tea

That tea contains a lot of good substances is well known. But which substances are actually in tea and what are they good for?

Many medicinal properties are attributed to tea. For example, tea would be good against stress due to the present substance theanine, tea can fight bacteria and fungi, it ensures a beautiful, healthy skin, the flavonoids present contribute to strong and healthy bones, it stimulates fat burning, and it reduces the risk of cancer.

Unfortunately, for many of these claims today, the scientific evidence is lacking simply because too little in-depth research is being done on them, but what is certain?

There is considerable evidence that tea lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Those who drink several cups of tea a day have about a 30 percent lower chance of calcification of the arteries. Tea also has a beneficial effect on diabetes. Three or more cups of tea a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 40 percent.

There is also a minus point to drinking tea. Those who suffer from irritable bowels can sometimes develop more complaints by drinking tea. If you suffer from this, it is best to choose peppermint tea to alleviate your problem or go for a mix without tea to avoid problems.